Felting Silk Carrier Rods – more ideas

While writing an article for FELT magazine about how silk carrier rods can be incorporated into felt making, I was inspired to try a few more things. In my previous post  I showed how layers, wispy bits and the full carrier rod could be used in a variety of ways.

Thin layers of carrier rod become even more versatile when combined with wool to make pre-felt. They are laid adjacent to one another on  a  base of wool fibre and felted to form a firm pre-felt. Once the layers of carrier rod are well and truly integrated, it is best to let it dry. The surface is slightly rigid which allows  cutting of  complex shapes and  more control over design elements as a result. Click on photos to see more detail.

The cut pre-felt shapes or pieces can then be felted into a project in the normal way. Why dry, these  additions provide more texture and rigidity than using standard pre-felt. With gauze – cotton or silk –  placed under the pre-felt shapes on top of a wool base, the added elements  become more defined, creating a halo at the edges.


While I was at it, I put tea lights in my little vessels.  There are some distinct possibilities here for lampshades or tea light holders. Light / natural  wool works best. Adding the carrier rod pre-felt has great potential for adding texture and creating defined areas.

Silk carrier rods defy the adage that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Turning something that is not particularly attractive in its raw state, to an appealing and interesting  embellishment is rather satisfying.Felting with silk carrier rods








The article appears in FELT issue #18 – Dec 2017 published by Artwear Publications, with 3 pages of photos and details about how to use Silk Carrier Rods. See more on Facebook Follow  Felt magazine on facebook for more info about the  great articles and projects for feltmakers.

Deconstructed nuno wrap – in print!

Sari Nuno Wrap – Doubly Deconstructed
deconstructed nuno wrap
Finished wrap

It was the highlight of the week to see my project in print in the June 2017 issue of ‘Felt’. While the title is a bit of a mouthful, it is an accurate description. A little different to more traditional nuno felt projects, this one also includes wool ‘cheese’ (pre-yarn) and sari silk ribbons.

To keep the wrap as light as possible I use Uzbek silk gauze and 18.5 micron merino wool. I did have fun with this one, as I like working with a combination of unusual materials in textiles. I think my felt making is heading that way too!

Initially, I wasn’t sure how this project would turn out, but was curious to see what textures would result from using the contrasting materials. Stripes or checks? As it turns out, chopping up and rearranging the sari ribbon pre-felt creates both effects.

sara quail deconstructed nuno wrap
Deconstructed nuno wrap

Although all the elements were  off-white / ivory, there are interesting colour and pattern variations, depending in what light it is viewed. While ironing the end result gives the wrap a subtle sheen, I also like the exaggerated ‘pebbly’ nuno effect that is created after fulling.

The gallery below gives an indication of the process – click to enlarge photos.

Deconstructed nuno wrap in Felt Magazine

As a result of this experiment, I was asked to submit an article for ‘Felt’ by the editor Martien van Zuilen.  4 pages of comprehensive instructions for making this deconstructed nuno wrap appears in ‘Felt’ – issue #17.  It is pretty special to appear in such a high quality magazine alongside some great felting names which include local and international makers. The magazine contains felt-related articles as well as a variety of projects and lots of visual inspiration.

FELT magazine – December 2016 – Feltwest exhibition review

There is definitely something special about having a piece of one’s work appear in a dedicated felt magazine. Recently sold, one of my pieces ‘Filament to Fantasy’ was featured in the December 2016 issue of the ‘FELT’ magazine.
The article reviewed the MACRO|micro exhibition held last August by Perth’s felting group –Feltwest. Continue reading “FELT magazine – December 2016 – Feltwest exhibition review”