Textiles in many forms

From an introduction to free motion embroidery in 2001, I have been pushing the boundaries with textiles  ever since. Most of the images in the galleries below are the result of pieces for various exhibitions over the years.

wall hanging textiles
Wall hangings
3D textiles
3D, Wearables & Furnishings

Being a member of the 84 contemporary textile group  provides many opportunities to learn a variety of techniques for textiles.  Mixing  some of these processes produces interesting results and I hope to incorporate them more in my felting explorations.

I own a very old Pfaff sewing machine (from the early 80’s) which despite it’s age, continues to survive the abuse it gets. Free motion embroidery really puts a machine through its paces and it is amazing what one can create with 2 basic stitches. A zig-zag and straight stitch is quite adequate to create anything I make. I have not missed not having a modern machine with all the bells and whistles.

Using water soluble materials, various manipulation techniques such as Shibori and dyeing with a variety of dyes are favourite techniques.