MACRO|micro exhibition – 2016  :    Explorations in Felt

A dedicated felt exhibition is a rarity in Perth, so the opportunity to exhibit in the MACRO|micro exhibition as a member of Feltwest was enticing. I have participated in quite a few textile exhibitions over the years but this was the first time using hand made felt as the main medium. A little daunting, but it was a good opportunity to try different techniques, play and experiment.
All my 6 pieces below were completely different so certainly no identifiable body of work there! The aim was for us to push the boundaries which the members of Feltwest most certainly did. The mandate given for this felt exhibition was to ‘explore the MACRO and micro worlds through innovative technology while pushing the ancient craft of felting into new realms of shape, pattern and texture in felt’.

Felt wall hanging 3D manipulation and surface design
120 days
3D felt hanging
mikros organimos
Felt pod with embellishments
From little things
Extreme nuno felt wrap
Filament to fantasy
Collaged and embellished prefelts
Life Cycle
felted free motion embroidery
Mists of time

Clicking the images above will display more details about each of my exhibits as well as some photos of various works in progress. They represent work over 6 months which seems like a long time, but from experience I know there will be a rush at the end. It is the finishing off and sorting out the hanging and mounting that takes more time than one thinks. Not to mention doing artist statements, labels, wrapping and delivery to meet the deadline. I don’t think it is just me!

Felt Exhibitions – Perth, Western Australia

Held at Gallery Central at the North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth, MACRO|micro is the most recent exhibition put on by Perth felting group, Feltwest. There was a huge variety of contemporary felt objects on display as well as varying techniques. From wildly abstract to traditional, the unique felt creations illustrate the talent of Feltwest members. May there be more dedicated felt art exhibitions in the future!

This felt exhibition was beautifully curated as can be seen in the video of the MACRO|micro exhibition  held at Gallery Central, Perth in Aug/Sept 2016.  There is a review of the exhibition in Issue#16 of the magazine FELT which include the following observations:
‘Felt was used to explore and express ideas through various lenses, up close and from afar ‘

 from macro-glimpses of outer space to the mitochondria and neurons of human cells;
 macro-flora to the world of plankton;
 ancient watercourses and fire next to minerals and lichen;
 inspired by the birds-eye view and aerial photography;
to underwater explorations and microscopic magnifications

felt exhibition opening perth

Exhibition opening night August 2016

felt explorations - exhibition Perth, Australia
Felt Exhibition Gallery Central Perth
art exhibition felt
Over 70 felt artworks utilising a broad range of techniques
exhibition felt
Feltwest MACRO|micro Explorations in Felt

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