Filament to Fantasy – nuno felt mosaic

Filament to Fantasy
nuno felt mosaic
Filament to fantasy

Wrap / wall hanging
Nuno felt mosaic

180cm x 65 cm

Embellished prefelts deconstructed, reassembled and nuno-felted

Fine merino wool, hand loomed silk gauze, silk fibres

The gossamer fibres of wool and silk are barely visible fibres but when amalgamated in their millions, combine to create the magic of a whimsical fabric -light as a feather and reminiscent of a fanciful creature with wings outspread. Portraying the enigma of the delicate, tough and mysterious nature of its fibrous components.


Featured in FELT magazine issue #16 December 2016

The Process

Another rather large project with multiple processes but with a very satisfying result. This piece can be a wrap, wall hanging or throw. It is extremely lightweight as it uses the lightest of silk gauze and extra-fine merino roving. The thin layout and gentle nuno felting processes gives the piece a very good drape. The pre-felt consists of many wool colours and a variety of silk fibres. This is cut up and placed on the dyed silk.

The very flat smooth finish is thanks to a lot of surface rubbing and subsequent rolling. The process involves no aggressive felting method except a bit of tossing at the end.  The fibres of the silk gauze distress slightly during the felting process and add to the final result.

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