Textile techniques – mini workshops summer 2017

Textile techniques – mini workshops
Textile techniques toolbox
Altered States Exhibition

This year started off with some mini workshops put on by WAFTA members. I was able to go to 3 of them and tutor one myself. The aim of these textile techniques teasers was to inspire other members participating in the upcoming Altered States exhibition. This exhibition takes the form of a mystery bag challenge. Continue reading “Textile techniques – mini workshops summer 2017”

Glue gun – a creative tool for embellishing textiles

 Why use a glue gun in textiles?

glue gun embellishments for textilesOne doesn’t immediately think of a hot glue gun as  an essential tool in  textiles. After significant research and experimentation, I developed a glue-gun workshop specifically for textile artists.  My workshop explores dozens of ways to use this versatile medium. The focus was to ‘Embrace your glue gun to emblazon fabrics by embellishing, embedding, embossing and more…….’ Continue reading “Glue gun – a creative tool for embellishing textiles”