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3D textiles – functional and decorative

Almost all of the 3D textiles over the years utilise techniques that one can use on all sorts of textile projects. Being a member of a textile group such as ‘The 84 contemporary textile group’, is a great resource for learning. The images below illustrate the variety of textile techniques I use. The thumbnails will take you to more photos / detail.

shibori quilt
Serenity – silk and shibori quilt
3D textiles
Fungi – free motion embroidery
Chenille ‘quillow’ cover
Cornucopia textile
Firebird Fantasy – mixed media
zipper art
Dreamkeeper – layering & zips
3D textiles leaf bowl
Leaf Bowl -wire, organza, fme
embroidered evening bag
Evening bags – layered, stitched





silk scarf rose
Silk Rose scarves, hand-dyed











Some of the above have been exhibited while others were completed in workshops or made purely for sale. Items shown use techniques that include free machine embroidery, dyeing, layering, burning, shibori, water soluble fabric, hand quilting and chenilling . I also like to try using alternative materials and I guess painting ping-pong balls would fall into that category!  Mostly I am happy if any of my creations evoke some positive reaction from others, and certainly even more if they sell.