Wall and floor

Wall hangings in felt

Thanks to the challenge of producing pieces for exhibitions, I have had the opportunity to create a number of wall hangings in felt. Since an exhibition is an event that suits the unexpected, I choose to use this type of occasion to experiment with different techniques. The thumbnails below will display more images and details of each piece.

Filament to fantasy
mikros organismos
wall hangings in felt
Mists of time
wall hangings in felt
120 days
wall hangings in felt
Life Cycle











With the exception of Mists of time which was 30cm in diameter, all the wall hangings featured above are large. The making of some of them presented some work-space challenges. Hanging, ‘Filament to Fantasy’ measures 180cm x 65cm. This represents a logistical nightmare to create as the shrinkage ratio is around 2. This kind of project requires 4 trestle tables, not to mention considerable floor space. Because of the logistics and very varied techniques in each piece, one has to think outside the square. The learning curve can become quite intense!

Felt floor coverings

Apart from experimenting with a few ideas for pebble-like mats or rugs, the Mandala below was created in a Feltwest workshop.

Stone mat experiments