Wall hangings

Wall hangings in fabric and alternative materials

Thumbnails will take you to more info in addition to photos of the various wall hangings. Because of my involvement with a local textile group, I probably exhibit more than if left to my own devices. I generally tend not to repeat techniques too often and as a result wind up trying even more different things.

Raised machine embroidery
Sold – Barely there
sara quail stitched metal
sara quail layered textile
sara quail textile
Gifted – Mates at sunset
Shibori, manipulation layered textile
Wrapped textile dyed tatami
Free machine embroidery layered fabrics feathers
Sold – Rainbow burst
Shrinkage stitched textile
Sold – Substratum
Shibori satin wire motif
Black Magic
Couched wire on layered textile
Billabong blues
Free machine embroidery, dimensional stitch dyed fabrics
Sold – Mystical forest
Glue layered organza machine embroidery
Sold – Sundowner dunes
Indigo shibori wall hangings
Moody Blues
Free machine embroidery
Sold – Seeds of the sun
shibori silk texture stitch
Plum crazy
silk paper, machine embroidery
Sold – Ember Glow


layered fabric machine embroidery
Gifted -Dreamland
silk carrier rods organza machine embroidery
Sold – Pik a poppy
Acrylic, plastic machine embroidery
Sold – Shattered rainbow
Wire, applique, machine embroidery
Kimberley Moon
Sara Quail layered textile
Summer sandwich framed under glass


































As well as techniques such as machine embroidery, applique, shibori, dyeing and layering, I also sometimes use alternative materials such as plastic, acrylic, metal, wire, glue and feathers. Most of all I like to experiment and as a result tend to get interesting results. I am still exploring how many of these techniques will transfer to felt!