Firebird fantasy – Cornucopia

Cornucopia in textiles

Firebird Fantasy is  1 of my 14 pieces in the ‘Thread Connections’ exhibition, a collaboration between 2 fellow textile artists and myself. With  no limitations and just a germ of an idea  about making a cornucopia, this is the result. The asymmetrical shape of a cornucopia is appealing and my interpretation reflects a tubular flower that a mythical ‘firebird’ might feed on.

 Making the ‘flower’

Using paint to create a marble effect, ping pong balls become the inner ‘Seeds’. The throat of my ‘flower’ consists of multiple overlapping panels using matte natural fabrics, fibres and stitch. The outside consists of scales cut from a large sheet of  layered synthetic fabrics  which include organza and angelina fibres.  With the help of a heat tool similar to a woodburning / soldering iron, each scale is cut out separately.

The framework of this piece consists of cane with a covering of Plaster of Paris bandages. To be honest, now that I know more about armatures, I would create the framework quite differently! In addition, the whole piece uses glue of various kinds to hold it together. This creation is around 40cm X 20cm and due to its shape has 3 small rubber feet to stop it rolling around.