Armatures for 3D textiles

Sara Quail wire textile
My cornucopia in progress

Armatures with Katrina Virgona
(Or what the heck do I do with an armature?!)

Using armatures in textiles is one of those techniques that is a little out of the norm for many textile artists. But this kind of workshop is right up my alley considering my love of 3D work and using alternative materials.
A cornucopia I made some years ago for an exhibition – Firebird Fantasy – uses a different technique entirely. Apart from having fun, the idea in this workshop is to explore a variety of ways to work with textiles in 3D. While the main focus is working with various gauges of wire and wire mesh, plastic can also be very effective as an armature.

So many possibilities…..

The only limitation is your imagination for ‘sculpting’ in this way, be it abstract or figurative forms. Wrapping, stuffing and stitching over the wire can be on a very small or large scale . Objects, jewellery and body pieces are all possibilities using an armature. Found objects and miscellaneous ‘treasures’ can be incorporated too. While I have some way to go before the blue cornucopia above is finished, looking at Katrina’s sample board is an inspiration. She uses a variety of different fabrics and stitches with wonderful visual results as seen in her sample board below.

armatures for textiles
Samples by Katrina Virgona

Katrina Virgona creates 3D artworks and contemporary textile jewellery pieces. She uses a diverse range of materials including wool, wire, wood, metal, fur and human hair.

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