Felt stones – just experimenting

Faux felt stones – a work in progress

There is something very appealing about an object that looks hard, but is actually soft. Specifically I mean felt stones that are made of felt, rather than felted real stones.  I think that is why the cracked earth technique is a favourite amongst some felt makers.  On the web, I see many images of faux stone rugs and objects made with wool. It seems like many of them are made with all wool and are likely to be very heavy when wet. I am exploring ways to achieve the same look, with some kind of foam inner.

The bathroom mat is in daily use, and so far is working better than expected. It doesn’t get sodden when you get out of the shower, and the antibacterial properties of wool can’t hurt either. It is not a mat you can put in the washing machine, so requires hand washing or a dunk in the bath. Still more experimenting to go on felt stone mats me thinks!

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