Felt bags

Bags – felted for function and form

To be able to customise a bag to one’s own requirements for space, colour and style, is quite an advantage. Hand-making bags in felt allows for all these options while also being light-weight and water repellent. The size and purpose of the bag usually dictates the type of wool that is most suitable.

The grey bag, which is small was made with 18 micron merino, while the orange bag uses Corriedale – around 27 microns. Most bags require at least one resist, and usually more depending on the number of pockets or features. The grey bag is made with an all-in-one resist that includes the handles, with additional resists for the pockets. Foam tubing is added later to give more support and assist with shaping.

Imagination is the only limiting factor for the variety of handles and straps that are possible. The orange bag strap is just a twisted cord which goes through loops in the body of the bag. Silk ribbon and silk gauze form part of the back and front flap decor.

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