Workshops currently available

The workshops below are some that I have presented in recent times. However I would be happy to consider teaching other techniques used in my original textile / felt pieces.

 Glue gun adventures
Textile workshops glue gun
Glue gun techniques workshop

Embracing your glue gun and emblazoning fabrics by embellishing, embedding, embossing and more……. Creating a decorative, dimensional and structural medium for integrating with textiles – all done with everyday items from the kitchen. Instead of your glue gun lying idle, this workshop explores how to get the most out of it. Owing to the unique properties of hot glue, one can create a range of dimensional embellishments.   1 day


Manipulate and melt
manipulating textiles workshops
Manipulate and melt

So many options to raise the surface, modify and manipulate a range of materials and fibres by heat or physical means. Workshops are available to explore the possibilities of transforming textiles  and add dimension and texture to your fibre art. Some of the tools used include the humble iron, heat gun, wood-burning type tools as well as various grids. Materials range from natural and synthetics to plastic, paper, wire and fibres.

Stitch resist shibori
stitch shibori workshops sara quail
Stitched Shibori

You will cover some complex, but mainly simple shibori stitching techniques for fabric. If you can do a simple running stitch  you can unlock its amazing potential when used with plain fabric with or without dye. Duration of workshop is flexible and  can be from 1 – 3 days. Using indigo and fibre reactive dyes produce wonderful results on natural fibres such as silk and cotton. The same stitch techniques will work on synthetics with different dyes or with heat to create permanent texture.


Stitch, shrink and shrivel
Stitching for shrinkage workshop
Stitch, shrink and shrivel

This workshop explores an extreme shrinkage technique using fabric, wool, free motion embroidery and trapped objects. Interesting 3 dimensional / textural surfaces can be created from the shrinkage that occurs,  which is up to 1/2 of the original dimensions.

Stitching with metal
stitch metal workshops
Stitching metal

Although metal shim is available (at some cost), some stunning results are obtained by using a few aluminium drink cans. Not only will the metal be transformed through annealling, but you will learn how to safely cut and stitch  it. While only a few supplies are required, a sewing machine is essential. There are many options for colouring and embossing too, which makes the technique ideal for embellishing.




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