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Unicorn Fibres felting supplies

Online store for felting supplies – wool rovings, viscose fibre, hand dyed silks and more.  Besides felt makers, we have fabulous fabrics and  fibres for  a variety of fibre and textile  enthusiasts.   Our products are great for spinning, paper making, textile collage, embellishing, scrap-booking as well as felt making.  For Lock secure online shopping, go to  Unicorn Fibres

felting supplies wool
Extra fine wool tops /roving 19 micron Australian merino
viscose tops roving for felt making
Viscose tops – plant based roving for spinning & felting
Margilan silk gauze scrim nuno felting
Margilan / Uzbek silk gauze, very open weave scrim
cotton scrim butter muslin hand dyed
Cotton scrim hand dyed, very open weave muslin gauze
Ball brauser water sprinkler felting
Ball brauser – water sprinkler for felt makers  (and plants!)
felting supplies gift voucher
Gift voucher – eGift Card from Unicorn Fibres

Wool  – Extra fine Australian merino wool tops  for felting and spinning. Available in over 100 colours and blends. We are an official reseller for DHG products.

Viscose roving – combed viscose tops for nuno felting & textile art embellishing.  Unlike silk roving, there is no static when using viscose.  Made from wood – pulp, it has a wonderful lustre, can be used like silk, but at the fraction of the cost.

Margilan silk – Uzbek silk gauze , which is an ideal fabric for nuno felting and surface design. The very open weave is almost translucent and weighs less than 2.5 momme. The silk is woven using traditional methods.

Cotton Scrim hand dyed , being an open weave cotton muslin is also great for nuno felting and a variety of creative fibre arts. A grade 10 cheesecloth, the fibres can be easily distressed, torn and manipulated to great effect.

Ball Brauser  water sprinklers for rapid and even wetting out of your felt project.

And even gift vouchers! 

While Unicorn Fibres is an online shop for felting supplies, I  also use all these products extensively in my various felting and textile creations.